Water Treatment

Water treatment is defined as any process used to improve the quality of the source water for a specific end-use.

The field of choice regarding which treatment process to employ can be frustrating. Handover your problem to Aqua King, we will help you in finding the perfect solution to your problem.

See below some of our water treatment services that we can assist you with.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are regarded as heavy water users and are expensive equipment. Aqua King has developed methods by which cooling towers are not only treated to remove metal consuming pathogens, reduce and even eliminate scaling and optimise water usage, but we can do it without the continuous addition of expensive chemicals.

Pack House Water

With our patented process of ionisation and oxidation Aqua King can treat pack house water with a residual effect as to ensure that the fruit remain protected against harmful pathogens. With continuous automatic monitoring and treatment we ensure pathogen free water.

Not only do we effectively sanitise pack house water, but we also design and install filtration plants to optimise water usage and thereby ensuring water savings for our clients.

Pond Treatment

Having trouble with algae formation or unpleasant smells in your pond? Aqua King can assist with you with obtaining crystal clear pond water without the addition of harmful chemicals to water keeping it safe for consumption.

Animal Drinking Water

Effluent Dams

Aquaponic Water

Borehole water

Water Botteling


Irrigation dams

Boiler Water

Rain Water Catchment